Young Entrepreneurs
The Group of Young Entrepreneurs includes entrepreneurs, sons and daughters of entrepreneurs, and managers aged between 18 and 40, operating in the vending chain.
Our young entrepreneurs

Founded in 1995, the Group operates through its Members’ Assembly, Executive Board and President.

The Group aims to:

  1. Increase its knowledge of the economical, social and corporate aspects of the business activity, in order to enhance the professional growth of the Young Entrepreneurs operating in the Vending Machine sector.
  2. Promote the knowledge of the economical and socio-ethical functions of free business initiatives.
  3. Contribute to promote and spread the knowledge of Vending Machines within the civil society.


Young Entrepreneurs’ Executive Board


Roberto Pace


Stefano Venturi


Claudia Brudetto

Alfredo Di Maria

Luigi Palumbo

Alessandro Scrivano

Antonio Spavone

Davide Zanoni

The Group Young Entrepreneurs of CONFIDA is associated to the National Group of Young Entrepreneurs of Confcommercio.