Press Kit
Press Kit
CONFIDA – Italian Vending Association

CONFIDA is the national Association gathering the operators, manufacturers and providers operating in the Vending sector; CONFIDA represents its members towards the institutions and the financial organizations.

CONFIDA is associated to Confcommercio – Imprese per l’Italia (Italian confederation of enterprises). It is co-founder of the European Vending Association (EVA), headquartered in Brussels, which aims to promote the Vending activities before the European Institutions and to combine the industry’s business interests with the technical and marketing regulations.
Beside the activity of representation and the services delivered, CONFIDA provides its members with assistance, consultancy and support in different fields related to Vending.

CONFIDA enhances the collaboration between its members with focus on the promotion of the Vending sector among institutional and social stakeholders; this activity is carried out through 10 Thematic Groups, consisting of members and experts for each topic,  for deepening specific issues of general interest . Ten Thematic Groups are currently active.

CONFIDA aims at the top quality of the vending service and of the products provided through the vending machines, with particular attention to the evolution of consumers’ habits, to safety and transparency. CONFIDA has developed two specific certifications for the Vending sector: the Top Quality Standard TQS-Vending, assigned to the enterprises complying with quality and service rigorous standards, and the certification DTP-114 for grain-coffee blends for the vending sector. Both certifications have been created by Venditalia Servizi, service provider operating in the Vending sector, in collaboration with CSQA Certificazioni – Italian certification and inspection company.

CONFIDA is committed to support environment friendly policies combined with the latest innovations in terms of sustainable development; the project “Sustainable Vending” ( by CONFIDA is based on environment friendly technologies, food safety, diversified products and information to consumers, to spread the awareness as regards the specific priorities and requirements needed today in food transformation.

CONFIDA promotes Venditalia, the international vending exhibition organized by Venditalia Servizi, CONFIDA’s service provider.


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