About vending
Among European countries, Italy has the largest number of vending machines installed (over 800 thousands), that is 10.5 billion products purchased in one year by 25.3 million Italians.
About vending

There is a close relationship between Italians and vending. We can find a vending machines in all the places where people gather in large numbers: offices, schools, universities, train and subway stations, airports and many other public areas.

According to a survey promoted by CONFIDA – Italian Vending Association 52% of Italians have used a food&beverage vending machine over the last year, 27% of which uses vending machines every day; 30% once to three times per week, 19% once to three times per month. The most popular age range among vending users is between the ages of 25 and 54, no particular differences between men and women. The 77% of them declare satisfied with the service.

The “good relationship” between Italians and the Vending can also be explained with Italy having the largest number of vending machines installed (800 thousands), more than any other European country. Italy is also Europe’s leading producer of vending machines, which are part of the Italian mechanical industry our country exports in Europe and across the world.

There are 3.000 enterprises providing operation services for vending machines, and 33.000 employees. Overall, the sector – divided into automatic segment (automatic machines) and portioned segment (pod/capsule coffee machines) is worth 3.4 billion euros (of which 1.8 billions from the automatic segment), and it distributes 10.5 billion products each year to 25.3 million Italians.