Vending Sostenibile Award / Cresco Award Sustainable Cities
Vending Sostenibile Award / Cresco Award Sustainable Cities

CONFIDA promotes the “Vending Sostenibile” award as part of the “Cresco Award – Sustainable Cities” organized by the Sodalitas Foundation and ANCI National Association of Italian Municipalities: an award to the Italian Municipality that has conceived and implemented the best sustainable development project applied to the world of vending machines.

The aim of the award is to promote public initiatives capable of enhancing the environmental, social and economic aspects of vending, a sector that has been investing for some time in energy saving, recycling, efficiency of logistics and distribution, education in more aware behavior and lifestyles, and social inclusion.

The first four editions were won by:

  • 2017: Municipality of Conegliano Veneto (TV) with the project “Solidarity bar for a sustainable territory”
  • 2018: Municipality of Latronico (PZ) with the project “The recycling bank”
  • 2019: Municipality of Parma with the “RiVending” project
  • 2020: Municipality of Ragusa with the “RiVending” project

The initiative is part of the CONFIDA “Vending Sostenibile” project, which is working with a specific Commission made up of companies in the sector that is committed to investigating the issues of sustainability in vending.