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Mokarabia – One Coffee Industries Srl



Oci-Mokarabia is an international supplier of coffee and related products with partners in Italy, Germany, France, UK, USA, Sweden and Croatia.

The Bologna headquarters benefits from a state-of-the-art and modern roasting plant, including an innovative stainless steel silos storage method and new vacuum

packaging techniques. The plant produces 8,200 tons of coffee per year.

At all stages, Oci-Mokarabia ensures an extremely accurate process that is better expressed its most delicate time: the roasting. The roasting of the coffee

beans is a real art: this is where the ability to create unmistakable aroma, taste, body and colour can be measured. Today, Oci-Mokarabia still processes coffee according to ancient artisanal traditions. It carefully roasts different coffee qualities, which are separated to

respect their organoleptic qualities, and counts on the special sensitivity of a roasting expert for the temperature settings and for the perfect cooking of the